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Saturday 30th April 2016

Bank Holiday Opening Hours

We will be open as follows this Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May:


10-11am Team WOD
11-1pm Open Gym

4-6pm Open Gym
6-7pm Met Con


Today's Training

Saturday Sickener!

3 rounds for time:

15 Ground to Overhead 50/35kg

25 Pull Ups

35 Sit Ups

Run 800m


Sunday Sessions

9am Hill Sprints

Meet 9am at Roundhay Park main car park just down the road from the Roundhay Fox pub (next to the skate park). All welcome.


11am Leeds Barbell Club


11am Sunday Social


Today will be Matty Moran's final session before he moves to The Netherlands to work. We wish him all the best for the future and hope to see him back at The Forge soon. The big question...will he take on today's Saturday Sickener twice?



Friday 29th April 2016

Today's Training

Deadlift 2 x 5, 1 x as many as possible (perfect form)

Work at around 75% of 1RM for all 3 sets.

If you did this strength piece on 15/04/16 and got 10 reps or more on the AMRAP, increase the load by 2.5-5kg


Every minute on the minute for 18 minutes:
Minute 1) 5 High Box Jumps

Minute 2) 10 Front Rack Lunges (Go heavy. Take the bar from the floor)

Minute 3) 30 seconds Banded Good Mornings



Happy birthday to Matty Moran for yesterday. Happy birthday to our very Forge Head Coach TTT today.



Thursday 28th April 2016

Today's Training

Skill - Kettlebell Swings

Technique and efficiency in the overhead kettlebell swing.


"Black Jack"

For time

20 KB Swings + 1 Burpee

19 KB Swings + 2 Burpees

18 KB Swings + 3 Burpees

...continue this pattern through to...

3 KB Swings + 18 Burpees

2 KB Swings + 19 Burpees

1 KB Swing + 20 Burpees


Each round consists of 21 reps

Prescribed KB load is 24/16kg

Time Cap = 40 minutes


Gymnastics Class 7pm @ The Forge

Our Gymnastics classes focus on a specific movement each full month to provide an appropriate amount of coaching and practice time for individuals to make a significant difference in their overall progress on that movement.


The April Gymnastics Series is focussing on Handstand Walks. All attendees should, as a minimum requirement, be able to confidently kick up to a handstand against the wall.


Cardio Club with Hack 7pm @ The Forge

A fun mix of Rowing, Assault Bike, Ski-Erg and Abs (and maybe even some running!). Open to all members.



The last time today's workout was programmed at CrossFit Leeds was in 2012 during a lunchtime class coached by former CrossFit Games champion Sam Briggs!



Wednesday 27th April 2016

Today's Training

4 sets:

Bench Press x 6

Rest 1 minute

Bent Over Row x 6

Rest 1 minute


Aim to work across at the same weight as 6th April 2016 for Bench and Rows.



In pairs you are competing against each other for max reps:

Pairs do alternating 400m Rows while their partner accumulates as many reps as possible on

Round 1) Box Jumps 24/20"

Round 2) Toes To Bar

Round 3) KB Rack Lunges 2 x 24/16kg


The goal is to accumulate more reps than your partner. The faster you row, the less time your partner has to accumulate reps!



Happy 30th birthday to Preet Birk. Here she is competing at last summer's Tribal Clash alongside Emma, Helen, Pricey, Mick and Chris.



Tuesday 26th April 2016

Today's Training

Gymnastics Skills - Rope Climbs

Coaching will be focussed on rope climbs and their various progressions. Don't forget to bring a pair of long socks for extra rope protection!


If you are competent with rope climbs work through the following for 20 minutes focussing on quality movement:

1-3 Rope Climbs (Any variation of L-sit, Legless, Regular, Rope Pull Ups, Rope Rows)

Rest 1 minute

Handstand Variation (Holds/Shoulder Taps/Press Ups/Walks (See our video for Handstand Press Up progressions))

Rest 1 minute


Every minute on the minute for 18 minutes:

Minute 1) 30 seconds Ring Dips/Press Ups

Minute 2) 30 seconds V-Sits

Minute 3) 30 seconds Row/Ski/Assault Bike (Calories)


Note total Calories accumulated across all 6 rounds




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