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7 - 8am CrossFit Class

8 - 9am Open Gym

12-1pm CrossFit Class

1 - 5pm Open Gym

5 - 6pm CrossFit Class

6 - 7pm CrossFit Class

7 - 8pm CrossFit Class

8 - 9pm Weightlifting



7 - 8am CrossFit Class

8 - 9am Open Gym

12-1pm CrossFit Class

1 - 6pm Open Gym

6 - 7pm CrossFit Class

7 - 8pm CrossFit Class

8 - 9pm Pure Strength



7 - 8am CrossFit Class

8 - 9am Open Gym

12-1pm CrossFit Class

1 - 6pm Open Gym

6 - 7pm CrossFit Class

7 - 8pm CrossFit Class

8 - 9pm Free Taster Session



7 - 8.00am Endurance Class

8 - 9.00am Open Gym

12-12.45pm Weightlifting

12.45-1.30pm Endurance Class

1 - 6pm Open Gym

6 - 7pm Endurance Class

7 - 8pm Competiton Training (Invitation only)



7 - 8am CrossFit Class

8 - 9am Open Gym

12-1pm CrossFit Class

1 - 5pm Open Gym

5 - 6pm CrossFit Class

6 - 7pm CrossFit Class

7 - 8pm CrossFit Class

8 - 9pm Pure Strength



9 - 10am Weightlifting

10-11am CrossFit Class

11-12pm Open Gym

12 - 1pm Competition Training (Invitation only)



9 - 10am Hill Sprints

11 - 1pm Weightlifting


More classes will be added as demand dictates. Please contact us if you would like to see new class times added. 


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CrossFit Leeds Blog

Saturday 13th September 2014

Don't forget, Yoga is on again this Sunday at 10.30am. £5 for the class that can be paid on the day to Jamie. All welcome.


Leeds Triathlon

We have 5 members taking in part in the Leeds Triathlon at Rounhay Park on Sunday. Jon Lancaster, Mick Gorman, Wully Bully, Rosie and myself will be setting off on our swim between 8-8.50am and hope to be crossing the finish line sometime before midday!!! Since the sun always shines in Roundhay on a Sunday morning why not come down and cheer us all on.


Wheelchair Rugby Four Nations

Best of luck to Simmo who has been selcted to represent his country and will be competing for England in the Wheelchair Rugby League Four Nations this weekend.

Saturday's Sessions

9am Weightlifting - Clean and Jerk


10am CrossFit Class


Partner WOD

In pairs with only one person working at a time, complete AMRAP in 25 minutes:

Run 300m

60 Russian Swings 32/24kg

Run 300m

50 Sit Ups

Run 300m

40 Wall Ball 10/7kg, 10/9'

All the runs should be performed relay style (Partner 1 goes, then partner 2 goes). For all other exercises, reps can be split between the pair however you choose.

11am Open Gym


12pm Competition Training    http://www.crossfitleeds.com/blog/competitor-training

Sunday 7th September

Hill Sprints - The Leeds Triathlon is on this Sunday at Roundhay Park starting from 8am. The park is open to the public as normal but you can expect the park to be busy and parking very difficult. If you're still up for hill sprints keep an eye on the FB group over the weekend to see if there's a group of people still keen to do it.


10.30am - Rocket Yoga with Jamie. £5 for the session which can be paid on the day. All welcome.


11.30am Weightlifting - Snatch


Wall Balls



Friday 12th September 2014

Romanian Deadlift 4 x 5

This can be 4 heavy sets across at the same weight or building up to a heavy set of 5.

Rest 2 minutes between sets

Start each set with a conventional deadlift from the floor then work each RDL to start and finish in the top position. Maintain a neutral spine throughout and don't let the plates touch the floor so you're under constant tension throughout the lift. If you have very flexible hamstrings you can work from a raised platform to allow increased range of movement.


Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes:

Minute 1: Box Jump x 6-10 reps (aim to use a box higher than you would normally use in a WOD)

Minute 2: 10-16 alternating KB Lunges

Minute 3: 20-40 seconds Handstand Press Ups or Handstand Hold


Happy birthday to John Anderson




Thursday 11th September 2014

Endurance Class at 7am, 12.45pm and 6pm

In teams of 3 or 4:

Row 5000m

Each person rows 20 strokes before changing.

Hold a stroke rate of 18-26 strokes per minute (the taller, more powerful you are, the lower the stroke rate).

Work on long, powerful and efficient pulls to keep your 500m split times down.

Run an easy 100/200m in between each of your rows (100m if you're in a team of 3, 200m if you're in a team of 4).


Barbell Club, Weightlifting 12-12.45pm - Clean and Jerk


Open Gym 1-6pm

Train your weakness/Practice skills/Get strong/Work on mobility/Catch up on a missed workout


Ferino's Fab Abs at 6pm


Competition Training at 7pm  http://www.crossfitleeds.com/blog/competitor-training


Happy birthday to Carl Pullan


One month to go until Black and Blue Games!




Wednesday 10th September 2014

Power Clean and Push Press/Jerk - 20 minutes to build to a 1RM or work on technique

If you are experienced and competent with power cleans, perform lifts from the floor, otherwise work from hang.

For those relatively new to cleans and jerks, spend 20 minutes working on technique keeping the weight at a level that allows development of the movement and long term progress.


21-15-9 reps for time:

DB Thruster 20/15kg

Box Jump 24/20"


Time Cap = 7 minutes




Tuesday 9th Septemebr 2014

WOD Movements

The first part of today's class will be focussed on warming up and perfecting the movements to be used in the workout.


5 x 3 minute AMRAPs

5 Toes to Bar

7 Burpees

9 KB Swings 32/24kg

Rest 3 minutes between rounds


Happy birthday to Ben Halpin and Kay Lowry


Erin and Angie hooking up in Pittsburgh

Erin Angie




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