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Saturday 22nd August 2015

Black and Blue Games, Autumn 2015

Save the Date

The Autumn 2015 Black and Blue Games will be held at The Forge on Saturday 17th October 2015. Full details and registration will be released soon but for now, make sure you keep the date free for another spectacular event in the CrossFit Leeds calendar.


Saturday Sickener!


For time:

Run/Row 800m to start then...


5 rounds of:


15 V-Sits

12 Pull Ups

9 Thrusters 50/35kg


then Run/Row 800m to finish


Sunday Sessions

9am Hill Sprints

Meet 9am at Roundhay Park main car park just down the road from the Roundhay Fox pub (next to the skate park). All welcome.


11am Leeds Barbell Club



Good luck to everyone competing at Tribal Clash this weekend. We have 3 teams and a few cars full of spectators who have traveled down to Blackpool Sands, Devon on the South Coast for two days of challenging, outdoor workouts in a beautiful setting. If you want to check out the sort of things they'll be doing you can view Day 1 WODs here.


 Some insane strength and work capacity from Dmitry Klokov!



Friday 21st August 2015

Today's Training

Every minute on the minute for 12 minutes

1 Power Clean + 1 Push Jerk


Build the weight up across sets as technique allows.


5 rounds for time:

7 Hang Power Cleans 70/45kg

15 Wall Ball 10/7kg, 10/9'


Compare to 27th February 2015





Thursday 20th August 2015

Resurfacing of Car Park

The tarmac area of the car park where the large pot holes have developed is due to be resurfaced tomorrow. There will still be vehicle access to the car park all day but parking may be limited slightly and any running WODs may need rethinking! Please park appropriately so as to still allow large vehicles to get to the end unit. If there are no appropriate spaces available you can park on Education Road. Thanks


Today's Training


2 rounds:

Row 1 minute/Rest 1 minute 40 seconds x 5

Rest 10 minutes between rounds


Minute 1: Row at 24 strokes per minute

Minute 2: Row at 26spm

Minute 3: Row at 28 spm

Minute 4: Row at 28+ spm (must be full length)

Minute 5: Row at 28+ spm (any stroke length)


This is Week 3, Session 2 from Rowing WOD and leads nicely on from last week's Endurance class for those who did it! You can read additional notes on the workout on the Rowing WOD website. We will go through the WOD in detail in the class and work on how to effectively adapt your stroke rate on the rower without effecting your stroke length.


Met Con

5 rounds

3 minute AMRAP:
3 DB Squat Cleans
6 Burpees
9 V-sits

Rest 1 minute between rounds
Continue each round where you left off



Happy birthday to Chris Russell


Huge congratulations to Toby and Sarah Turner-Thompson who are expecting their first child in March.



Wednesday 19th August 2015

Today's Training

Kettlebell Technique

Coaching through the following kettlebell exercises:

Turkish Get Ups

Double Swings

Rack Position

Double Cleans

Overhead Lunges (single and double)


Partner WOD

In pairs and alternating rounds complete AMRAP in 20 minutes:

10 Alternating Knee to Elbow (from straight arm plank position)

6 Double Kettlebell Swings 2 x 20/12kg

6 Double Kettlebell Cleans 2 x 20/12kg

6 Double Kettlebell Push Press 2 x 20/12kg

6 Double Kettlebell Rack Lunges 2 x 20/12kg

10 Alternating Knee to Elbow (from straight arm plank position)



Last Thursday morning's Endurance Class taking on Rowing WOD Week 2 Session 2. If you enjoyed that one, you'll love Week 3 Session 2!!!

It's brilliant to see over 30 of our members getting behind this excellent project and adding some really challenging rowing workouts to their training schedule as well as learning more about how to row efficiently. The benefits will be apparent. I've personally noticed a huge improvement in my fitness from rowing every other day for the past 4 weeks.




Tuesday 18th August 2015

Today's Training

Gymnastics Skills - Rope Climbs

Coaching will be focussed on rope climbs and their various progressions. Don't forget to bring a pair of long socks for extra rope protection!


If you are competent with rope climbs work through the following for 20 minutes focussing on quality movement:


1-3 Rope Climbs (Any variation of L-sit, Legless, Regular, Rope Pull Ups, Rope Rows)

Rest 1 minute

5-10 Strict Handstand Press Ups or 5-10m Handstand Walk (See our video for Handstand Press Up progressions)

Rest 1 minute


In 10 minutes get as far up the ladder as possible

3, 6, 9, 12, etc reps of:


Box Jumps

Toes to Bar




3 people took on the 50kg sandbag Zercher lunges in today's Met Con...Only 1 survived! @milkymarrkid

A video posted by CrossFit Leeds (@crossfitleeds) on




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