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Monday 18th February 2019

Today's Training


Every 2 minutes x 5:
12 Front Rack Lunges (6 each leg, alternating)
Take bar from the floor
Aim to work across all 5 sets at the same weight.
Rest 5 minutes
Every 2 minutes x 5:
4 Shoulder to Overhead
Take bar from the floor
Aim to work across all 5 sets at the same weight.
Rest 5 minutes

In 10 minutes complete:
Run 800m
In remaining time complete AMRAP...
5 Strict Pull Ups
10 Press Ups or 5 Strict HSPU
15 Sit Ups


Barbell Club at 6pm


Hang Snatch + Halt Snatch 5x1 @75-85%


Snatch Pull

5x3 @90-100%


Strength Training at 7pm

Dynamic Effort Lower

A) Every 90 seconds
5-8 High Box Jumps

- Focus on moving with explosive power and intent on all reps.


B) 5 sets:
Back Squat x 3 @ 70%, 30X1 tempo
KB Single Leg RDL x 6 each leg
Rest 60-90 seconds between exercises


C) EMOM12:
1) Russian Swing x 10-14
2) 12 Landmine Squats
3) 30-60 seconds Front Loaded Carry
4) Rest

Endurance Training at 8pm

Partner WOD

Working you go, I go!
10 rounds for time:
a) 200m run
b) 200m row
c) 200m ski/500m Bike



Saturday 16th February 2019

Today's Training

RoWoD at 9am

3 rounds:
1 min Steady (Recovery Pace)
3 minutes Medium (5k pace)


Rest 3 minutes


8 rounds:
40 seconds On/20 seconds Off


Rest 3 minutes


8 rounds:
20 seconds On/40 seconds Off


CrossFit at 10 and 11am

Saturday Sickener


3 rounds for time:
Row, Ski 400m or Bike 1km
20 Burpees
20 Box Jumps 24/20"
Run 400m
20 Toes to Bar
20 SA DB OH Walking Lunges 20/15kg

Time Cap = 35 minutes


Strength Training at 5pm

Coaches Choice!


Endurance Training at 6pm

EMOM 40 (8 rounds):
1) 1-3 rope climbs
2) 15 press ups
3) 50 double unders
4) 15 double Russian KB swings
5) 10x10m shuttle sprints

Sunday Sessions

9am Hill Sprints

Meet 9am at Roundhay Park main car park just down the road from the Roundhay Fox pub (next to the skate park). All welcome.


10:30am Sunday Social

Coaches Choice!


11:30am Barbell Club

3 Position Snatch x1 @70-80%


Hang Clean + Clean + Jerk x1 @70-80%


Halt Clean Pull

5x3 @85-100%



Friday 15th February 2019

Today's Training


Dead Stop Deadlift 2 x 5, 1 x As many reps as possible
- Work across all 3 sets at 75% 1RM
- If you did this 2 weeks ago and completed 10+ reps then add 2.5kg
- Pull every rep from a dead stop
50 Russian KB Swings
Work with a medium/heavy Kettlebell or pair of Kettlebells and aim to accumulate 50 reps in 2-3 sets with no more than 10 seconds rest between sets.

Open WOD 15.4

8 minute AMRAP:
3 Cleans 85/57.5kg
3 Cleans 85/57.5kg
3 Cleans 85/57.5kg
6 Cleans 85/57.5kg
6 Cleans 85/57.5kg
6 Cleans 85/57.5kg
etc. adding 3 reps to the HSPU each round and 3 reps to the Cleans every 3 rounds.
Score is total reps completed in 8 minutes
Compare to 19th January 2018
This is WOD 4 from the 2015 Open performed on 23rd March 2015. The official scaled version of the Open WOD uses the same rep scheme but with 60/40kg Cleans and Press Ups, but any of our usual scaling options can be used.

Barbell Club at 6pm

Halt Split Jerk x2 @70-80%

*Pause in catch


Halt Jerk Dip

5x3 @85-100%

*Pause in bottom of dip


Strength Training at 7pm

Dynamic Effort Upper


A) Every 90 seconds x 4
5-8 Plyo Push Ups

- Focus on speed and power

- Don't go to failure
- Speed should be maintained across all sets and reps
- If you can't do more than 20 good proper press ups, work 5-8 Single Rep press ups at an angle that allows you to move with perfect form and constant speed on every rep.


B) 5 sets:
Bench Press x 3 @ 75% 1RM
Single Arm KB Row x 12
Rest 60-90 seconds between exercises



1) KB Press x 12-15
2) 30 seconds Overhead Weighted Sit Ups
3) 30 seconds Banded Pull Aparts

Endurance Training at 8pm

6 rounds for time:
21 medball squat cleans
15 medball sit ups
9 pull ups

Thursday 14th Febraury 2019

Today's Training


Skill - Prowlers and DBalls
Coaching and Conditioning on the Prowler and DBalls

For max Calories
Every 4 minutes x 4
2 minute Row, Ski or Bike
75m KB Rack Walk 2 x 24/16kg
75m KB Farmers Walk 2 x 24/16kg
Score is total calories accumulated across all 4 rounds

Gymnastics at 7pm

Full Body Gymnastics Coaching and Conditioning

Every 90 seconds x 5 rounds:

30-45 seconds work per station focussing on technique and position.

1) Pull Ups

2) Dips and Support

3) Cartwheels

4) L-Sit



Wednesday 13th February 2019

Today's Training


Barbell Cycling

Every 2 minutes x 6
Unbroken Barbell Complex of:
3 Power Cleans + 3 STOH + 3 Clean and Jerks


- This can also be done as 3 Power Snatch + 3 Overhead Squats + 3 Squat Snatch
- Start around 50% and maintain weight for technical focus or build weight across as strength and technique allow.

Partner WOD

Working You Go, I Go, complete AMRAP in 15 minutes:
6 Hang Squat Cleans 50/35kg
4 Burpees over the Bar
6 Front Rack Lunges 50/35kg
4 Burpees over the Bar
6 Shoulder to Overhead 50/35kg
4 Burpees over the Bar

Barbell Club at 6pm


Snatch x3 @70-80%


Clean + Jerk x2 @70-80%

Strength Training at 7pm

A) Every 2 minutes x 5 (20 minutes):
1) Deadlift x 7 @ 70% 1RM
2) KB Rack Lunge x 10


B) Every 90 seconds x 3
1) Landmine Squat x 12
2) KB Single Leg RDL x 6 each leg
3) 30 seconds Banded Glute Bridge


C) 400m Heavy Front Loaded Carry
- Use Sandbag/Dball/Kettlebells
- Aim to complete the 400m in 5-8 sets and under 8 minutes.


Endurance Training at 8pm

Hack Special
Surprise circuits including cardio, strength and agility



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